Life Under the Microscope as an African-American

by James M. Mosley

Straight Talk On Godís Undying Love for His Unique Women

From the first African slaves that set foot on shores of North America in the fifteen-hundreds up until today, the black minority have often fought uphill battles in the quest for equal treatment. Monumental events such as the American Civil War and more recently, the Civil Rights Movement have championed the cause of equality, but racial boundaries are not so easily erased. Humanity still has old world hang-ups about treating people who look different with the same respect as they would afford their own group.

Author James M. Mosley shares his own tale in his autobiographical book, Life Under the Microscope as An African American. From his birth in 1929 until the present, he details the significant moments of his and his family’s life. Granted, it was not an easy existence, going through events such as the Great Depression, World War II, the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement, raising a family, having grandchildren and great grandchildren, gaining and losing friends, and many others.